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Featuring 9 Best WordPress Translation Plugins in 2023. 

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  • August 08, 2023
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Do you want your business website to reach global heights? Then, you must make it multi-lingual. And this article will help learn about the Best WordPress Translation Plugins.

English is the most prominent language everybody prefers to use on their websites. But, this is not the only language everybody prefers for a content search. So, to make your website reach a wider audience, you must make it multilingual.

WordPress does not have this default function, using Best WordPress Translation Plugins will help. And with minimal efforts of using the plugins, you will be able to spread your content globally.

You can get the Best Translation Theme from the Mishkat WordPress Theme Bundle.

This will truly emphasize your branding helping you present your brand in the global market as well.

This content will take you to the 9 Best WordPress Translation Plugins along with features. 

Benefits of using Best WordPress Translation Plugins 

  • The main benefit of using translation plugins is you will boost your website’s SEO and localization. 
  • Language seems a big hurdle when you are presenting your brand outside of your native place. And not everybody prefers to have the same language we are using on our website. So having a multi-lingual website can bridge this gap of language. This helps global clients easily translate the site into a desired language. 
  • Not having a multi-lingual website can also affect negatively your site’s SEO. As SEO is all about the quantity of audience your website is having. And if it is not reaching other language people, then it can be a barrier to SEO. 

List of Top 9 Best WordPress Translation Plugins 


Beginning our list of translation plugins with the most popular WPML plugin. The theme is indeed the most popular one among other translation plugins for its functionality. It is ideal for global websites and large content sites enabling easy translation of pages, posts, and more. And with this, you can easily translate up to 65 languages on your site. Moreover, it has a separate editor packed with a spell checker and automatic translation features. Also, its automatic translation feature allows on-time translation while editing or adding text. Further, the plugin supports various WordPress themes and SEO plugins. So that you do not need to attach themes and plugins separately. It also allows you to translate web content created using drag and drop. 


GTranslate Best WordPress Translation Plugins is a freemium plugin giving its best features for translating your website. It comes with a google translate API to translate your site content automatically. And with the support of 100 languages, it proves a flexible plugin to work. It supports high-content websites providing lots of words and page views. It also allows you to customize your language preferences without any codes required. And it proves to be the most efficient plugin to reach a bigger quantity audience worldwide. The translations are so fast that also impact positively your site’s performance. It has a customizable language widget that helps users to translate the site content. The plugin also proves as an SEO plugin managing search engine ranking along with translation.


Another freemium translation plugin comes into our list and that is the TranslatePress. The plugin is well-organized and known for its real-time translation features. It comes with both manual and automatic translation methods. You can easily translate site content including media, posts, WordPress themes, and plugins. It comes compatible with the Gutenberg block editor, shortcodes, Woocommerce, and themes. Many custom options help users decide on translation preferences by adjusting the settings. And there is a unique translator enabling direct translation on the front-end side. The live-preview method helps you directly erect mistakes and edit them easily. It also integrates Woocommerce and SEO-friendly URLs with the free version. This way you can maintain good SEO ranks along with translations.  The best part about this plugin is it is lightly coded and integration of this plugin with our fastest WordPress Themes will make a superfast website.

Loco Translate 

The Loco Translate plugin comes among the most popular translation tools. As it lets you directly translate WordPress Themes and plugins from the browser. Its simple interface proves good for developers generating templates and extracting strings. Not only translate, but you can also update language files from the theme, plugin, or browser. It offers whole-site translation by integrating popular translation APIs Google and DeepL. The plugin does not support automatic updates on your site. And so when new updates are released, you need to update the language manually. It also supports wide keyboard shortcodes making your overall translation easier. This was the basic free version giving 2000 translations. As you move to the pro version, the limit will increase up to 5000 and 12500.


Get your WordPress site translated in less time with this reliable Weglot plugin. The plugin comes among the most popular translation tools supporting 100 languages. Also, it offers automatic translations and integration of professional translators if required. It lets you customize and make changes directly from the WordPress dashboard. The best part is it holds the ability to handle Woocommerce product pages and checkouts. Moreover, it uses two translation interfaces named side-by-side and the visual translation editor. The side-by-side interface makes it easier to display both original and translated screens. And the visual editor displays only the translated version directly on the front end. It also manages good search engine rankings on your site with SEO practices. Thus, all the translated pages will automatically index on the SERPs. 


And now introducing another freemium plugin built for multi-lingual websites. The plugin allows adding as many languages to your site with ease. Also, you can translate posts, pages, media, and categories on your website. To make translation easier, it helps you add a language switcher in the widget area or navigation menu. It allows you separate translations into sub-directories and subdomains. And for those who want to make their website SEO-friendly, it integrates with SEO plugins. And with the integration of Yoast SEO, you can manage translations along with search engine ranks. It also helps you integrate the Lingotek add-on for extensive functionality. This helps you manage translation projects giving access to automatic and professional translations.  


And now comes another popular MultilingualPress plugin made for multilingual websites. The plugin helps you create many sites enabling easy translation using a simple language switcher. it integrates advanced custom fields helping to manage custom fields along with translations. Basically, it is a good plugin letting you translate the whole site without any clutter. You can translate posts, pages, categories, tags, and more. Also if you are an E-commerce store owner, it allows creating many stores and translating product pages. It is also optimized for Woocommerce and provides a great asset to expand the market. Additionally, the plugin offers 800 languages as you install it. After that, you can add more along with adjusting to the users’ browser’s languages.

Google Website Translator

If you are searching for a lightweight and fast translation plugin, Google Website Translator will help. The plugin uses Google Translator powered by Prisna and can be used as a widget or shortcode. It helps you translate plugins, content, themes, and categories. You need to include shortcodes for translating any part of the content. Unlike others, this fast and reliable plugin does not rely upon Java or CSS. It uses a simple setup process with translating up to 100 languages on your web page. It allows storing all translation settings in a single database so that you can watch out for changes easily. This is absolutely no impact on the page load timing and that is something good for heavy content sites. 

Lingotek Translation 

Closing this list of translation plugins with the Lingotek Translation plugin. The plugin basically tends to keep it simple and easier for multilingual websites. You can easily translate posts, pages, and other content of your site quickly. This basically comes in three choices to translate your content:

Machine translation

Microsoft translation tool helps to generate content in your required language for up to 100000 characters.

Community translation

It is a self-made translation technique done by the text editor. 

Professional translation

This technique requires investing in Lingotek’s specialist for translation.

Having these techniques help users easily pick the type of translation they wish to perform. 

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Get your multilingual website ready with the above Best WordPress Translation Plugins. We have encountered the 9 best range of plugins that will help form a multilingual website. Having a multilingual website will positively help your website reach a bigger audience. As more audiences will be able to find the content in their desired language. Using these plugins will gradually help in boosting the SEO and localization of your website. And that will truly resemble and spread your brand worldwide. That is what every website looks for, right? So start finding the right translation plugin and form a multilingual website. 

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