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Struggling to find a perfect theme for a WordPress site?

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  • August 09, 2023
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Best WordPress Themes Picking a theme for a website is a responsible job. Appropriate theme selection can create a great website that meets all the requirements. Every website has a common vision to get in touch with the global audience and create a huge global network, still, it has a different niche. Every business is different from another. So, its business URL is also different. So, choosing the right theme for a website always rely on the type of business although it shares a similar aim of better reach.

Today, in this blog, we will help you pick a great theme for your website that matches your business site needs. You can get the Best Theme out of the Mishkat WordPress Theme Bundle also.

A business website is a reflection of that business. Every business has a different product. Many companies offer you a specific type of service rather than a business product. Then the promotion of those services is done through the website so that business and company information can reach a maximum number of people. Remember that you have to choose a business website theme that must go with the niche. It must be the unique theme for a gaming website. Educational websites must have very decent and pro themes. Blogging sites must look elegant on screen. E-shopping sites are more functional and must execute smoothly.

In a nutshell, you need to choose a theme that will do justice to your website. And all your goals will be achieved.

So what factors you should consider while choosing a theme for a website constructed under different niches?

Let’s find out the dos and Don’ts for this in detail.

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First I will tell you the Do list while selecting a website theme.

It’s very essential to govern the list of features without which your website looks incomplete. Here is the filtered list of the features which make your site fully functional and effective. First, you have to imagine what will the design of the site for example, how many columns will be in the theme, specific sections, and other compartments. In short, you have to plan your site before making a theme selection. Regardless of the alluring design, functionally the theme must support very basic features.

Search and select the theme that is-

  • Customizable
  • SEO friendly
  • Translation ready
  • Multiple columns
  • Secure
  • Responsive
  • All browser compatible
  • Plugin compatible.

A customizable theme lets you alter and update the design as per your innovative ideas. So traffic can consistently visit your site and expects something new to watch and get the details in a more attractive format. Hence, whenever updating require it must be done easily. Along with this, over all the details, a theme must execute on all types of browsers.

Users can open a homepage on all browsers and devices as well. So responsiveness is again a great factor to consider important. Because 70% of the public uses mobile and transacts online.

The translation-ready theme helps you make all the users belonging to diversified regions of the country can make them understand what the and its business is all about. It’s for better reach. Plugin compatible theme is basically for the site related to audio, video, or music.

A secure e-commerce site let the user perform an online financial transaction without any jerk. Other than this, the color combination of the theme must be kept in mind.

It enhances the quality of your site and increases brand recognition. You have to decide the dark or light theme that must satisfy your requirements. Always go with the premium theme instead a free version. Because a premium one has a lot to give in comparison with the free one and it gets updated regularly. Make sure that the theme has great customer support.


Actually, we have a small paragraph of Don’t in comparison with the Do list that we have discussed in the earlier section. But this small para of Don’t’s can throw a light on very important aspect when you jump into the process of website theme selection. So let us begin with my first point over the Don’t’ section while choosing s theme for your nline business web URL.

Never select a theme that has already printed fonts which is very hard to read. It looks pleasant but it should be readable and navigate the user properly. If you can embed CSS, you can try out different fonts and adjust them. A customizable theme allows you for this alternation.

Don’t choose a fancy and messy theme as it may look captivating but sometimes it doesn’t function well and fail to perform great on different browsers. These themes can make your site slow and challenges security issues.

Premium themes are dynamically great themes. It plays a major role in fitting your content and making it available to the audience. If you select a theme that’s cluttered, it will break your connection with the audience in less time. A feature-rich theme would prove impactful and attend huge traffic. So ensure that you are installing each feature that may look attractive and cool to your target audience.

Testing out a theme’s efficiency via the Theme Check plugin is a good option before applying it. The plugin checks whether the theme supports all current WordPress standards or not.

Once you get done with it, you can check its reviews. Read your content and access it on all devices. Make sure that all the images on the site are working fine. You can set a staging environment with the use of a child theme plugin.

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Wrapping up

Hopefully, this blog can widen the range of your thought process and clear any confusion during the theme selection. WordPress has a supreme collection of wonderfully created themes, so if you are looking for more flexible, attractive, and functionally strong themes, you can go ahead without hurrying it.

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